OPIF Contribution for Tax Credit


The Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF) receives money to provide the rebates by offering Oregon income tax credits to taxpayers who contribute to the fund. Residents receive a state tax credit that can be used for up to three years on their personal income taxes. The OPIF program is authorized to issue up to $12 million worth of tax credits per year.


The 2016 OPIF online auction will begin on Monday, July 11, 2016 at 9 am PDT at the following link:




The links to submit bids will not be active until that time, but complete information on the auction process and dates is available at the above link now.

A few important notes about the online auction:

You may email nathan@oregonfilm.org or call 971-254-4020 for more details.


For information on our OPIF, iOPIF, and Greenlight Oregon incentive programs for production companies, view our incentives page.